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About Us

Supporting the autism Community

About Joshua's Gift


Joshua’s Gift provides support for the social, mental, emotional, and economic needs of families living with autism. Through its direct financial contributions to families for social excursions, sensitization, wellness, training, awareness, and provision of services and dissemination of products in the community, Joshua’s Gift will promote the development of a society that invitingly accepts, respects, includes and accommodates individuals on the autism spectrum.


Joshua’s Gift rallies behind families to give a voice to those affected by autism. By building lasting connections and community, we foster an environment of acceptance and inclusion

Discovering beauty through advocacy, opportunity and unparalleled love.

In the year 2001, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My husband and I were overflowing with love and joy as we brought our first born home. We reveled in parenthood and had never-ending hopes for the future but in the blink of an eye, one phone call turned our lives upside down.

At the tender age of 2-years-old, our son, Kasten Joshua Rich (affectionately known as Joshua), was diagnosed with autism Spectrum Disorder. Like many families, we did not know what to expect and the grieving process ensued. For 3 days, my husband and I cried as we tried to process the diagnosis. On that 3rd day, my husband said, “Joshua is a gift, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and go to work for him!” From that moment on, despite our financial limitations, we advocated for Joshua and made sure that he had every resource necessary moving forward. From speech and occupational therapy to applied behavioral analysis (ABA), the diagnosis took a major toll on our family, both mentally and financially, but love triumphed. When you don’t understand why you can’t hold your child or how they will make friends at school, you learn to look at life through a new lens. For us, that meant seeing hope and opportunity at every corner and doing everything we could to ensure that our son had a fighting chance. We welcomed our baby girl, just a few short years after Joshua’s diagnosis and the two of them have taught my husband and I more about resilience, love and compassion than we could have ever imagined.

As we’ve remained active in the autism community, we recognize the need for families to have increased support and access to activities that are inclusive and engaging. This, coupled with our growing desire to do more, became the inspiration for “Joshua’s Gift”.


They say family is a gift that lasts forever. Well our son, Kasten Joshua Rich, is truly a treasure. Our family and community continue to be a source of unwavering strength and we are so overjoyed to share that love and support with you. As we raise awareness and support those on the spectrum, Joshua’s Gift is bridging communities, one family at a time. Having a child with autism Spectrum Disorder has changed our lives forever and we are committed to giving back to other families affected by autism.

Our Founders

Mizpah Brown-Rich

Founder & CEO

Kerry Rich

Founder & CFO

Gifted Children with Autism

It is painful to witness some utterly gifted children with disorders like Autism. They excel in one or a few traits. They may excel in music, dance, and drawing and lack basic social and behavioral skills and executive functioning.
These children may lack social skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills. They may even find it tough to do self-help tasks or pay attention to anything.
One may find it hard to deal with a gifted child with Autism. Unfortunately, many of such gifted children with autism in California develop some negative view of themselves. They may be bright, talented, and skillful but can’t function without someone’s help. 

Help them make friends and feel accepted:

As a civilized society, we must take care of such gifted children in California and develop Autism. These gifted children need special care and attention. They seek love and compassion. All they need is our patience and support. Help them make friends, and spend some quality time.
At Joshua’s Gift, we support these gifted autistic children. We help them make friends and play around. But, we need societal support. Support this noble cause related to children and make them smile all over again.

Support the cause, Support Humanity:

We seek your valuable contribution to keeping this momentum going. We wish to travel a long way of support, hope, and happiness in the lives of these gifted autistic children in California. Please support us to support the feeling of these children, their families, and humanity.
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