Joshua’s Gift Lanyards Program

Joshua’s Gift Lanyards Program

Helping the Public to see Invisible Disabilities

Global Helping Hands for Autism

Invisible/hidden disability is a broad umbrella term that captures a whole spectrum of hidden disabilities and challenges that are primarily neurological in nature. These are disabilities that are not immediately apparent to others. Our goal is to make the public aware of autism and hidden disabilities through our global lanyard campaign


Working with airports to create a safe and friendly travel experience for individuals living with autism and hidden disabilities


Getting a person with Autism out to socialize is a challenge within itself, being at the event should not be an added stress!


We all like to be entertained outside our homes, let us make your choice of entertainment more enjoyable.


Kids will be kids. However, we hope to inspire understanding & compassion when recognizing persons with disabilities.

Introduce Joshua's Gift Lanyard

A Helping Hand

People with hidden disabilities are often misunderstood. Often disabled individuals are discriminated against, many times unwittingly, because the public may not see or understand their disability. Examples of these incidents are often manifested in cases of an uncontrollable outburst at an airport or a sporting event. These incidents are challenging for parents and highly misinterpreted by the general public.


Joshua’s Gift Lanyards are designed to provide support and comfort to families with disabilities as they navigate their way through public crowds.  The purpose of a Joshua’s Gift Lanyard is to help families living with autism and other disabilities have a safe and comfortable travel or social outing experience.  Families that have a Joshau’s Gift Lanyard will make it easy for airport staff, shopping malls, retail stores, amusement parks, train stations and sporting arena staff to recognize them and assist with getting their families to their destinations safely.  Our lanyards will also help the general public recognize individuals with a physical or neurological uniqueness so they may be approached with acceptance, respect and inclusion throughout their journey

Why Joshua’s Gift Lanyards

Airports and other public venues can help families with lanyards by:

  • Reducing their time in long lines
  • Fast tracking them through crowds
  • Giving them additional time through security checkpoints
  • Allowing them admittance to a reserved area that’s conducive to their needs
  • Allowing them to remain together at all times
  • Providing them with essential and detail information pertaining to their journey

Adaption & Acceptance

We understand the challenges for a person with a disability. We are here to help all children and adults living in the Autism spectrum to be seen by the public, to be portrayed by their friends, family and the media, and treated by health care professionals, as individuals with their own abilities, not just stereotyped as “disabled persons”.


Accept. Respect. Include.

Today about 1 in 5 people worldwide is living with at least one disability. Most people will experience a disability of some form during the course of their lives. Joshua’s Gift Lanyard will make it easier for people living with Autism and other hidden disabilities get the service and respect needed while in public spaces.

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