Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Mizpah Brown-Rich
CEO and Founder
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Mizpah Brown-Rich is the Co-Founder of Joshua’s Gift   A foundation inspired by their beloved son to help foster friendships and inclusion for families affected by autism.  As a compassionate person who loves to help people, Mizpah and her husband began building their non-profit Joshua’s Gift, in the early part of 2017. Her passion to support families living with autism led to the vision of Joshua’s Gift.  Her goal is to provide essential services and relief through funding and social experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible to families living with autism

Kerry Rich
CFO and Founder
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Kerry co-founded Joshua’s Gift in 2017 and has been involved with helping the autism community since 2010. He has worked with the Regional Center of the East Bay and San Andreas Regional Center to better the lives of families living with autism and other disabilities. He has partnered with corporations like Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems and the Oakland Athletics to bring acceptance, inclusion, and awareness of this community to the general public. He created opportunities through social excursions for the autism community to be successful in a general setting. Prior to forming the foundation, Kerry was a business technology professional working as an entrepreneur for corporate companies including Spectrum Equity Investors, TA Associates, Mattson, Largo Concrete, and Institutional Venture Partners. He has worked in management for the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System and is a veteran of the United States Navy. Kerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.
“Helping underserved people in the autism and disability community through collaboration, teamwork and building strong relationships, is the foundation of everything I do professionally and personally.” Joshua’s Gift continues this legacy.


Dr. Joy Ross
Board Member
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Dr. Joy Ross is the Chief Human Resource Officer overseeing the talent acquisition, retention and performance, compliance and labor relations and negotiations efforts of the District. Dr. Ross is committed to fostering a culture and climate in the human resources space that is focused on equitable, strategic partnerships through innovation of practices and systems. The educational successes of students are championed by elevating people and the employee experience by creating thriving workspaces for teachers and staff. Dr. Ross assists the superintendent in achieving district objectives and key performance indicators, assuring alignment with law, policy, and priorities established by the Board of Directors.

Christopher Brown
Board Member
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Ralph Chambers
Board Member
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Ralph Chambers is a twenty-year Information Technology veteran. Ralph has held pre-sales technical roles at some of the top tech companies in the world.  Designing solutions which incorporated enterprise storage, networking and computing solutions with a focus on helping customers realize the benefits of a modern software-driven data center. Ralph is passionate about the use of technology to allow people with special needs equal access in their communities. Ralph is a native New Yorker who enjoys reggae music, hiking and barbecue. Ralph is married with three adult children.

Daniel Houze
Board Member
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Daniel Houze is a marketing professional living and working in San Francisco, California. As a compassionate 23 years old, he hopes to use his growing toolbox of personal and professional gifts to improve the lives of individuals affected by autism around the world.

His involvement with Joshua began in 2011, when he and his best friend (and Joshua’s Gift Board Member) Blake Stassi both rode skateboards across the state of California to raise awareness for Joshua and other individuals like him.

Daniel hopes to use his understanding of marketing and targeted outreach to help Joshua’s Gift serve as many individuals and families as possible.

Julia Scott
Board Member
Joshua’s Gift, Inc.

Board of Advisors

News Anchor, Reporter & Speaker
San Francisco Bay Area, Ca

DAVE CLARK, Television News Anchor for KTVU TV in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007, is an award-winning newsman with more than 40 years of broadcasting experience.

Dave has covered many of the biggest news stories of our time including being an integral part of the award-winning team coverage of the “North Hollywood Shootout”, the landmark “OJ. Simpson Trial”, the “Northridge Earthquake” (the largest earthquake in U.S. history), and numerous other noteworthy news stories.

Dave began his career as a Radio Newscaster in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. He then became a Radio News Anchor in New York City the #1 market in the country. Clark has also displayed his broadcasting talents in Washington, DC, Florida, and Pittsburgh, PA. It was in Pittsburgh, that Dave transitioned to television news and

shortly, thereafter, he received the call from Los Angeles, CA seeking its next media success s story!

Dave Clark’s news reports have been broadcast nationally and internationally over multiple networks including CNN, CBS Radio, MSNBC, NBC News, United Press International, The Associated Press, and The Armed Forces Radio Network.

Along with being a celebrated newsman, Mr. Clark is a highly sought-after professional announcer. His engaging and commanding vocal talents have been utilized as a Talk Show Host, Master of Ceremonies, Narrator, and Actor. His acting roles include major motion pictures “The X Men”, “and “Scream 2” and several television series.

Mr. Clark resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Lucretia. In addition to spending quality time with family and friends, Dave is an Advisory Board Member for Joshua’s Gift, a nonprofit organization supporting families living with autism and developing a society that invitingly accepts, respects and includes individuals on the autism spectrum.

Creative Lifestyle Strategist

LUCRETIA CLARK (aka “Livacious Lu”) is a CREATIVE LIFESTYLE STRATEGIST, unapologetic SPEAKER, award winning ARTIST, and published AUTHOR for the Black and Brown Woman Executive who s ready to secure her best life.

Utilizing an array of signature programs, products, and experiences, Lucretia helps Black and Brown Women paint their unique BE YOU tiful life palette in their mind and actually achieve and sustain it. No fluff No B.S. Just realistic step by step action, guidance, and support while challenging them to experience their best, bold, and vibrant life!

Lucretia received her integrative wellness certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of New York, NY. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management from Gwynedd Mercy University in Gwynedd Valley, PA.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Lucretia resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Dave, where she continues to create cultural and quality experiences contributing to the vibrant HER story of her local and global communities. Currently, Lucretia lends her expertise to Joshua s Gift, a non-profit organization supporting families living with autism and developing an inclusive society that invitingly accepts, respects, and includes individuals on the autism spectrum.

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