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Michelle Wright

Dear Joshua’s Gift
We got our backpack! Thank you soooo much again.  We are very grateful 🙌🏽😄 my son loves his supplies and little gadget’s.

“Joshua’s Gift is truly a blessing for my son and I during these pandemic times. Bless your organization. May the foundation flourish as it helps many families like ours.  Thank you for the work you do”

Lillian Pena

Dear Joshua’s Gift,
My Child received such a nice backpack filled with so much School supplies and we can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity.
She returned to school in person on August 9th and she is enjoying her new backpack & school supplies very much.

Thank you so much!!!!


Adam & Judy Wang

“With all the challenges that come with raising a child with special needs, Joshua’s Gift offers families a means to come together, integrate with the community and promote awareness. There is no other resource, we’re aware of, that takes this holistic approach to support the family unit.”

Babette House

“Joshua’s Gift is a foundation born out of love! It’s extremely focused on raising awareness and showing compassion to some of the most lovable people you will ever meet.”

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